Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Wescott Bay, San Juan Island

Monday morning we pulled the anchor and made the short trip from Stuart Island to San Juan Island across Haro Strait. Wind and waves were higher than we liked since we were towing the dinghy, but we went "outside" in Haro Strait anyway, hoping to spot some Orca Whales for Mackenzie and Matt. Sadly, no luck. So we turned into Mosquito Pass hoping to anchor in Garrison Bay, but Labor Day crowds were too thick, so continued to Wescott Bay where we found a nice spot.

Daughter Mackenzie and son-in-law Matt took off in the dinghy to drop a crab pot, then Cathryn, Mackenzie and Matt took the dinghy in to Roche Harbor for groceries and wine.  

Four hours later: crabs!

So guess what we had for dinner? Crab feast! A favorite anytime, but especially when boating. 

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