Sunday, July 5, 2015

Best Laid Plans

The alarm went off at 4:30, and just before 5am we pulled out of Port McNeill after 3 days of waiting for gale force winds to subside. Accompanied by Tom and Christine on "Takahe", very nice Kiwis on a 36' Grand Banks, we traveled 27 miles, approaching Mary's Rock, when our alternator failed. Brilliant Bob has a huge number of spares on board, including an alternator, so we detoured 10 miles to Port Hardy. There, Bill from God's Pocket Dive Resort helped Bob install the new alternator, only to find its' pulley assembly doesn't match the failed one. So we'll stay here tonight and Bob will be at NAPA when they open at 8am tomorrow. If he gets the needed part, and installation goes smoothly, and the sea conditions are calm, we'll be on our way mid-morning, hoping to round Cape Caution before the afternoon winds come up. Keep your fingers crossed for us! We're happy and in good spirits despite the disappointment. Text from Tom and Christine says they made it to Allison Harbour and also hope to round Cape Caution tomorrow, so maybe we'll meet up on the other side.

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