Friday, August 8, 2014

Day at Squirrel Cove

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Layover days are such fun. The 4 of us climbed in the dinghy and traveled 1.5 miles to the Squirrel Cove General Store. We’re still astonished by the18 hp motor on our dinghy after 10 years of having 2hp or 4hp motors. With almost 700 pounds of people aboard the dinghy, we got up on a plane and traveled briefly (why burn that much fuel?) at 17.5 mph. Who knew? Not us.


Boats began filing out of Squirrel Cove early. Jim and Jan, and later Bob and Cathryn, took the kayaks to explore the Cove. At the north end is an outlet from a fresh water lake, forming a small waterfall at low tide, but at high tide the Cove and lake are connected and you can kayak into the lake. You have to be careful not to be in there when the tide goes out or you’ll have to carry your kayak down those rocks to get back to the salt water.

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The abandoned buildings that used to house the Squirrel Cove floating bakery are still there. An abandoned, derelict boat that was here here 5 years ago is still waiting to sink.

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The afternoon was warm enough (80s) for swimming, and Cathryn and Jan kayaked into the lake briefly at high tide.


Our little Panasonic waterproof camera takes decent photos, these while traveling over the rocks that make up the waterfall at low tide.

P1050251 P1050252

As usual, the day ended with cocktail hour on the aft deck.


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Anonymous said...

Hello, as local of Squirrel Cove I just wanted to correct that the abandon float house buildings in your article are in fact NOT the bakery, but a home! The original bakery float houses were gone by the date of these photos taken. Just to inform you :) Cheers!