Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Off for a Summer Adventure

Travel time: 2 hrs, 15 mins

Distance: 15 miles

We decided to get a jump on the long journey from Bremerton Yacht Club (BYC) to the San Juan Islands and our late summer cruise to the Broughton Islands by leaving late Wednesday afternoon to get a couple hours under the keel before nightfall.


At 5:30 we pulled into the Port of Keyport’s marina, just inside the mouth of Liberty Bay (Poulsbo) where there are two spots on a face dock for cruising boats our size.  These slips are first-come first-served, and only $15 for boats over 25’ with electricity included.  There are no shore-side facilities except a Sani-can, but two good restaurants within walking distance, and the Navy’s Undersea Warfare Museum.  A hidden gem and a steal of a deal during a week when all the marinas are full or filling fast with Seafair Weekend and the Blue Angels coming.


Dinner on board and followed by a glass of wine with sunset on the flybridge, and we began to feel like our six-week cruise has really begun!

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