Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cruising With Friends in The San Juan Islands: A Sampler

Last weekend, the day after our harrowing docking experience in Anacortes, friends Doug and Jill with their German Shepherd Lua came aboard to cruise the San Juan islands with us for the week. We first met Doug, Jill and Lua early in 2009 while RV-ing in Baja, Mexico for 3 months, saw them in Baja two more winters, and traveled with them most of our third winter there in early 2011. They're Canadian, and we've seen each other infrequently, as we live 8 hours apart.

The short version of our week is this:

Night 1 -- Anacortes, Cap Sante Marina
Night 2 -- Sucia Island at the State Park dock
Night 3 -- Friday Harbor marina on San Juan island
Nights 4 and 5 -- Fisherman's Bay, Lopez Island

On day 6 we returned to Anacortes, dropped them off at Cap Sante marina, and we continued to Oak Harbor for the night.

Doug, Jill, Cathryn and Bob on a 6-mile hike, exploring Sucia Island

Lua, the world's best "boat dog", a black German Shepherd, exploring Sucia Island.

Doug and Jill each happily took turns at the helm, and were great deckhands as well.

The view up Fossil Bay on Sucia Island is always lovely.

It rained almost every night, but most days had partial to full sun, with afternoon temps in the 50s.

This is the first time we've been to the San Juans by boat in any season other than summer, and Friday Harbor was incredibly quiet and un-crowded. We enjoyed the shops and galleries anyway.

The spring weather yielded some great cloud formations and only one thunder clap.

As always, we walked the docks looking for pretty boats and had no trouble finding them.

We even managed to store 4 bicycles on board, so went for a ride on Lopez Island to Shark Reef Point.

There were fewer seals hauled out at Shark Reef Point than usual, but a couple eagles were on the rocks too. And we enjoyed a fabulous dinner, as always, at "Bay Cafe" in Fisherman's Village on Lopez.

We have a Canadian courtesy flag, which always flown when in Canadian waters of course, but we flew it this week in honor of our wonderful Canadian guests too.

We never get  bored with the San Juan islands and enjoyed our first Spring trip there by boat. And plans are in the works to see Doug, Jill and Lua again at their Okanogan mountain cabin in Canada in July.

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