Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring has Sprung

Today was a perfect March day: brilliant blue skies, endless sunshine, and chilly in the morning but warm-ish in the afternoon. Cherry trees are blossoming, and primroses, crocuses and daffodils too. We jogged along the south-facing bluff looking across the Strait of Juan de Fuca where yesterday we got battered around, and today it looked like a gigantic swimming pool, calm and flat.

The middle of the day was spent with Jim and Robin at the British Columbia Maritime Museum where we learned about the maritime history of the region, the Canadian Coast Guard and more. Nice little museum!

Later the 4 of us took a Victoria Harbour Tour on a tiny boat with 7 passengers to hear the history of the area and see the sights traveling north up "The Gorge", with stories provided by a local guide and boat Captain. You'd think we get enough time on the water, but all 4 of us enjoyed it.

The City of Victoria has 70,00 residents, but the greater Metro area is closer to 400,000, comprising over half the population of Vancouver Island which is otherwise sparsely developed. 

Architecturally the place has a strong British feel to it.

Evening found Jim, Robin, Cathryn and Bob walking to Bard & Banker's Irish Pub for dinner, then returning to our boats in the dark where we enjoyed the nicely lit Parliament Building across the harbour.


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