Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter Vashon

The Tacoma Yacht Club sponsored the “Winter Vashon” sailboat race on Saturday, Dec. 7.


Because of the way the currents run, always northbound through Colvos Passage on which we live, sailboat races always begin with the sighting of  30-100 sails or spinnakers off to the south down the Passage.


The temperature Saturday was in the 20s as the boats passed our house about 11 AM, with a 10-15 knot wind.


Can you imagine how cold it must have been hanging off the rail with that wind blowing by?


The instructions being shouted by the helmsmen were crystal clear in the cold air as they tacked 50 yards off our bulkhead.


For half an hour our front yard was an exciting place as boats fought for position.


Then the last boats passed north around Prospect Point, out of sight, and the Passage returned to the cold, quiet waterway it had been an hour before.

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Alyse said...

This jersey girl was almost twenty before I learned that the word was NOT spinneka....