Monday, October 21, 2013

Trawler Rendezvous, Days 2 and 3, Poulsbo

The weekend Rendezvous with other members of the Marine Trawler Owners Association (MTOA) was great fun! Boats arrived all afternoon, and people were quick to scurry to a slip to help catch the lines of incoming folks. We were the Newbies at the event, so met folks on the dock throughout the day. Everyone was incredibly friendly!


Saturday morning folks convened on “Slo-mocean” owned by Mike and Debbie, for coffee and baked goods. Afterwards we went for a jog, then at 1:30 the crowd gathered to participate in a fun Scavenger Hunt around town, followed by an outdoor barbecue meal at the local brewery. Yummy brisket, pulled pork or ribs and local beers on tap. Conversation was lively!


A Ranger Tug (attractive type of smaller boat) Rendezvous was going on at the same marina with 21 boats in attendance, ranging in size from 21-31 feet and very well designed!  Those folks were party-ing!


Sunday morning the group convened again for coffee, then we headed out as we had dinner plans with friends at home that night. The trip home was a little slower as the current ran against us most of the time, and weather remained foggy. We spent some time trying to figure out a weird thing floating in the water ahead, and finally realized it was a pair of sea lions resting in the water with their flippers up.


A mile from our marina in Gig Harbor we spotted a 50+ foot sailboat hard grounded on the beach, only 10-20 feet offshore!!! Wow, how did they end up there anyway? The crew was sitting on the rail, and we guessed they were caught in a bad spot, stuck on their keel and waiting for the rising tide to float them back to safety. We subsequently heard that guess confirmed on the VHF radio, channel 16 in a discussion with the Coast Guard. Sheesh, good thing these guys aren’t boating on the east coast where ALL the water is actually shallow!


We enjoyed our introduction to MTOA and will plan to participate in more of their events in the future.

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