Monday, April 1, 2013

The Long Slog: Day 3

Days on cruise:  3

Distance traveled:  614 miles

Travel time:  9 hours, 30 minutes

Total trip odometer:  1,618 statute miles

Not a lot to report today except that we made a great deal of progress in achieving our goal of arriving in Denver tomorrow afternoon. Barring a blizzard or a truck break down, we should be there mid-afternoon Tuesday.

We left Conway, Arkansas at 7:30am, found the western half of Arkansas to be much prettier than the eastern half, and crossed into State #6 since leaving Next To Me.


There’s not much to say about Oklahoma except that it’s largely flat, brown and full of oil drilling rigs.


And several hours later we entered State #7 of this trip.


We were slowly gaining elevation all day, and by late afternoon were cruising along just below 2000 feet. Temperatures near Wichita were 36 degrees with heavy rain, and the wind blew hard enough to justify the many wind farms we saw along the way.


So at 5:30 we pulled into Ellis, Kansas (anyone ever heard of it?) and checked into tonight’s motel.

We do want to thank our many blog readers who sent emails in the past few days telling us who you are, where you live, and why you’re reading our blog. It’s great fun for us to receive these introductions! For those of you actively planning or dreaming about doing The Loop, we invite you to send us a link to your blog when you get started, or to ask questions if you have any. We owe a considerable debt to the folks whose blogs we read, and the folks who answered our many questions as we planned for our Loop, so it’s time for Payback!

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