Monday, January 2, 2012


golden dolphin underway-1

Some years ago Bob, the music aficionado in our family, discovered the band “Subdudes”. We both came to enjoy their music, and Bob has a lot of it on his iPod. Then their song “Next To Me” became OUR SONG – you know, the song you, as a couple, really like, enjoy listening or dancing to together (we dance in the kitchen or on a beach when this one comes on Bob’s iPod), and consider “your special song” as a couple.

After spending three weeks trying to pick a name for our new Great Loop boat, mostly focusing on something connected with the word “Loop”,  (imagine Fruit Loop, or Loopy Idea) and not being thrilled with any, Bob suggested “Next to Me”, representing the fact that OUR HOME is wherever we are together – in Olalla or Seattle, in a trailer on a Mexican beach, in a hotel in Morocco, Cuba or Vietnam, or on a boat doing The Great Loop. We both smiled and agreed “That’s it!” So, we have a boat christening ceremony in our future, to rename Golden Dolphin to be “Next To Me”. And none of you folks who know us think of Bob as a great romantic??? Ha!


“You can travel over oceans and around the world
You can follow every notion that you can afford
If some day when you're feeling alone
And your thoughts turn back toward home
Let them stray--back my way
Oh I hope you know

Your home is right here next to me
Just as long as you want it to be
Your home is right here next to me
Next to me

In the arms of those who love you
That's where you'll find your home”

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