Saturday, April 2, 2011

No Longer a Mystery


Today we met our daughter Adrienne’s boyfriend, Justin, and he seems like a great guy. It’s especially satisfying to see how happy he makes our daughter.

In addition to making Adrienne happy, he was also willing to invite her parents to his place, and cook dinner for them the first time he ever met them.  Dinner was great: baked sweet potatoes with walnuts, baked spiced chicken, and home made bread!


Justin also showed us around the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm where he is interning.  A CSR is devised to provide its members, in this case 28 people, a weekly basket of seasonal vegetables and some fruit during the growing season in exchange for a fixed payment. Justin is the only full-time employee, and in addition to his day-to- day work on the farm, he manages the work of those members who choose to buy a “work-share” at a reduced price in return for committing to work 72 hours on the farm during the year.  The goal of this farm is not only to be sustainable, but also to create a model system that others can duplicate.


We came away with the conclusion that we liked this man.

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