Sunday, August 1, 2010

Early Morning Excitement

After a calm, pleasant, mostly sunny day yesterday during which we puttered on the boat, read our books and went for a 2-mile “hike” on Sucia Island, we started today with a bang. Literally! Cathryn woke at 5:30am because the boat was tossing around in the wind which had come up substantially during the night. She lit the catalytic heater to warm the cockpit area and settled onto the chaise with her book.


Shortly Bob came above deck, and almost immediately yelled “Look at this sailboat!” just as a bump was heard at the bow of our boat! Cathryn jumped up to see what he was yelling about, saw two feet off our bow a 32-foot sailboat banging on the buoy to which we were tied, hopped onto the bow of our boat and began yelling “Hey!” and banging with her hand on the side of the sailboat. Moments later the occupants of the sailboat emerged from below deck, bleary eyed and a bit confused, obviously roused from deep sleep. They acknowledged their anchor had slipped and scrambled to get their engine started and back away. No harm was done to either boat, but the adrenaline rush it produced certainly woke us up, and we suspect our visitors, faster than any cup of coffee!

Assuming the wind and weather settle, we’re off to the Canadian Gulf Islands today with plans to clear customs on South Pender Island followed by grocery shopping at Ganges on Saltspring Island. No telling where we’ll spend the night.

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