Sunday, March 1, 2009

Best Dinner in Baja

Tonight we’re back in Mulege after our early departure from the beach at Bahia Concepcion, Requeson beach camp. Not entirely surprisingly, because it has happened so many times already, several hours after we pulled into the RV park who should arrive but Jan and Jim from Penticton, B.C. They’re now on a fast-track headed home, and since we left our last place early, we’ve again ended up together. Jan and Cathryn started Happy Hour without the guys as they were still slaving over the darned refrigerator. By the time the guys caught up, the women had plotted to go into town together for dinner at a restaurant recommended by friends Kal and Amy Brauner. At 7pm we loaded into Jim’s pick-up to head to “Los Equipales” right in the middle of town in Mulege. The menu was fabulous, and we started off with Mango Margaritas – a to-die-for good drink! Jim, Jan and Bob ordered the Seafood Combination Dinner (lobster, scallops, white fish and shrimp) while Cathryn ordered the Lobster Tail. Each dinner was 250 pesos, or $18, and included a salad, a delicious pureed vegetable soup (Cathryn wrangled the ingredients out of the waiter, of course), fresh steamed vegetables and a baked potato. The service was impeccable and the food was sublime! Jan ordered chocolate cake with pudding topping for dessert, with four forks. Another unbeatable course! We think this really is “good-bye” to Jan and Jim as tomorrow we head for Guerrero Negro, and then Bahia de Los Angeles, and they plan to zoom north to take Jim’s mother out for her 80th birthday dinner in Phoenix, then back to Canada.

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